Xamble Creators encourages community engagement and values connecting with our Users from all around the globe online. Our Community Guidelines (“Guidelines”) are in place to promote self-expression and enable a safe and welcoming environment for all Users, while also ensuring that no User is subjected to any form of harm or discrimination.
This Guidelines applies to all spaces managed by Xamble Creators, including chats, posts, all public and private Communities on our platform (“Platform“),and any other communication channels used by our communities. It equally applies to all in-person meetings, such as conferences or video chats.
Our team may, but is not obliged to, review reports made by Users and Community’s administrators. When a User violates our Guidelines, our team or the Community’s administrator(s) may take a number of enforcement steps against the said User, including but not limited to, issuing warnings, removing content from our Platform, suspending or removing the User’s accounts and potentially reporting them to the law enforcement authorities.
If you encounter any instances that appear to breach these Guidelines, please contact us via the Contact Us form on our Platform or e-mail us at


  • Do not share abusive content, promote and engage in the targeted harassment of someone, or incite other people to do so.
    Our Platform encourages freedom of expression and supports open dialogue, which includes allowing Users to express diverse opinions and beliefs. However, in order to create a healthy and respectful community in our Platform, we prohibit behaviour and content that harms, harasses, shames or degrades others. We also prohibit any form of sexual harassment, including but not limited to sending sexually suggestive messages or content without consent, sending unsolicited sexually suggestive texts and contents, making derogatory remarks about an individual’s sexuality. In addition to posing risks and/or threats to people’s safety, abusive behaviour may also lead to physical and emotional distress for those affected.
  • Do not share or post content that glorifies, promotes or normalizes suicide or other acts of physical self-harm.
    You must not promote or encourage suicide or glorifies self-harm. This includes but is not limited to graphic images, videos or discussions that romanticize or encourage suicide, self-harm, eating disorder or other forms of dangerous behaviour. You must take into account the best practices and available media guidelines, including the Guidelines for Media Reporting on Suicide 2011 when making any post related to suicide. If there is a specific, credible and imminent threat of real world harm to human life, it may be reported to law enforcement authorities.
  • Do not post or publish another individual’s private information without their consent.
    You shall not post or publish another individual’s private information without their express authorization and permission. Private information includes, but is not limited to:
  • home address or physical location information, GPS coordinates or other identifying information related to private locations;
  • identity documents;
  • contact information, i.e. non-public phone numbers or e-mail address;
  • financial account information, i.e. bank account and credit/debit card details; and
  • media of private individuals without their consent;
  • posts of Users, which in all reasonable circumstances, can be understood to be intended to be private posts and not meant for the general wider public. We also prohibit threatening to expose private information or incentivizing others to do so.
  • Do not share or distribute indecent or obscene content.
    It is strictly prohibited to share indecent or obscene content on our Platform which includes explicit sexual content or images of someone. This includes sharing or distributing any images, videos or other content that depicts another person in a sexual or intimate context.

  • Do not use hate speech or engage in hateful conduct.
    Hate speech and conduct have no place on our Platform. We prohibit the use of our Platform to promote or incite hatred or discrimination against individuals or groups on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, disability, political inclination or any other characteristics. In particular, descriptions of any of these individuals or groups involving the use of strong language, crude language, explicit sexual references or obscene gestures, are considered hate speech.

    We understand that discussions and debates on sensitive topics may occur on our Platform. However, we expect these discussions to be respectful and free from hate speech and conduct.
  • Do not post or encourage violent or sadistic posts or contents.
    We do not allow the posting of violent or graphic content on our Platform whether physical, sexual, verbal or psychological. This includes, but not limited to, any content that promotes or glorifies violence, graphic images or videos of violent acts, or content that is intended to shock or disturb our Users and/or community. However, we allow the portrayal of violence (with some limitations) for the purpose of news reporting, discussion or analysis and in the context of recognised sports events – these contents shall avoid being excessive, meaningless, gratuitous, humiliating and/or instructional.

    We take this prohibition seriously as we believe that violent or graphic content can be harmful, traumatizing and distressing to our Users and/or community.
  • Do not promote, support or organize violent extremism.
    We take a strong stance against violent extremism and do not tolerate any acts that promote or glorify violent extremist behaviour. This includes, but is not limited to hate speech, incitement to violence and content that promotes terrorism or supports extremist groups.
  • Do not post any indecent comment or content.
    Indecent content refers to material that is considered offensive and goes against the acceptable standards of moral behaviour. We do not allow nudity, including uncovered genitals and buttocks, as well as nipples and areolas of women and girls. Additionally, clothing that is sheer or partially see-through clothing is also not allowed. However, there are exceptions for certain circumstances, such as medical treatment, educational purposes or cultural accepted practices. In those circumstances, any depiction of nudity must not be excessive or explicit, meaning it should not be excessive or explicit in nature (i.e. not too prolonged, close up or gratuitous).
  • Do not post any obscene comment or content.
    You shall not post any comment/content that has the tendency to deprave and corrupt those whose minds are open to such communication, such content is considered obscene. Example of obscene comment or content may be, but is not limited to: (i) portrayal of sex crimes, including rape, attempted rape or statutory rape; (ii) child pornography; and (iii) portrayal of any individual as a mere sexual object, or to demean, exploit or discriminate them in an obscene manner.

  • Do not log in, attempt to log into or access any account with us other than your own.
    We expect our Users to respect each other’s privacy and refrain from any activity that could compromise the security of our community. As such, we strictly prohibit any unauthorized access to another User’s account on Xamble Creators. Logging in or attempting to access another User’s account, whether through hacking, phishing or any other means, is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not spam messages or communications to any Users or group communication channels.
    We do not tolerate spamming of messages or any communication of sort. Spamming is defined as sending unsolicited or unwanted messages, advertisements or promotions to a large number of Users. Examples of spamming include, but are not limited to:
  • Sending repetitive or irrelevant messages to Users who have not expressed interest in receiving them;
  • Posting the same message / content repeatedly in multiple channels;
  • Using automated systems to send messages to Users;
  • Sending messages that contain links to unrelated or inappropriate content.
  • Do not offer any money / reward / benefits in exchange for an increase of your social media presence.
    Xamble Creators strongly believes in genuine growth and fair competition. As such, we strictly prohibit any attempts to artificially boosting one’s social media presence through the offering of money, rewards or any other benefits. On our Platform, we encourage our Users to build their presence through authentic engagement and content creation to build a following, rather than relying on incentivized measures that undermine the integrity of our community.
  • Do not post false content
    You should take all reasonable efforts in ensuring the accuracy and completeness of your content before posting it as false or incomplete content may perpetuate untruths that may cause harm to others. Additionally, if you wish to post someone’s content, you should credit the rightful owners of such content, even if the content is concerning satire , parody or fiction

  • Do not infringe our intellectual property rights.
    At Xamble Creators, we take pride in our intellectual property and want to protect our rights to the fullest extent possible. This includes our website, our mobile application, and all the content and features contained therein, such as our logo, trademarks, copyrights and patents. All such intellectual property is 4 owned by Xamble Creators, and any unauthorized use, reproduction, modification or distribution of our intellectual property is strictly prohibited. We grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable revocable license to use our intellectual property solely for the purpose of accessing and using our Platform. You are not permitted to use our intellectual property for any other purpose without our prior written consent. Additionally, you are not allowed to use any automated means to access, collect or scrape data from Xamble Creators or to interfere with or disrupt our Platform and Xamble Creators in any way.
  • Do not infringe other individual/entity’s intellectual property rights
    Xamble Creators’ Terms of Service do not allow people to post content that violates someone else’s intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademark. Our community values the creative work of all individuals and entities and we expect all Users to respect the intellectual property rights of others.

  • Do not use our Platform for any unlawful purpose or in furtherance of illegal activities.
    We are committed to maintaining a safe and lawful Platform for all Users. We strictly prohibit the use of our Platform to facilitate any unlawful behaviour or to further illegal activities. This includes, but is not limited to, selling, promoting and coordinating illegal activities such as drugs, controlled substances, human trafficking, sexual services, stolen goods and weapons. We do not condone or support any activities that are in violation of applicable federal, state or local laws, and we will cooperate with law enforcement authorities to investigate and prosecute any Users who use our Platform for illegal activities.
  • Do not knowingly or unknowingly deceive, wilfully misrepresent or defraud / exploit others.
    We strongly believe in creating a safe and transparent environment for all our Users. With this in mind, we prohibit any form of deceiving, misrepresenting or exploiting others, knowingly or unknowingly, for any gain or not, i.e. financial gain or personal gain to the detriment of a third party. This includes, but is not limited to, posting misleading information, manipulating other Users into giving money or personal information, selling stolen goods, information or services and engaging in fraudulent activities. We expect all our Users to act with honesty and integrity at all times, and any violation will not be tolerated.